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  • How to help your child enjoy reading?

    November 5th, 2008MarkReading

    What can you do to help your child enjoy reading? Here is a few ideas that you can use to encourage your kids to read.
    1. Teach your child to read.
    2. Let your child see you read.
    3. Read aloud.
    4. Encourage your kids to read aloud to you and to each other.
    5. Ask your children to retell for you the stories they’ve read.
    6. Have pre-readers “tell the story” from pictures.
    7. Help your children evaluate stories.
    8. Connect stories to children’s lives.
    9. Encourage identification with characters.
    10. Make connections between books.
    11. Share with your family from your own reading.
    12. Recommend beloved books.
    13. Own books your child will want to read.
    14. Go to the library regularly.
    15. Take books with you when you travel.
    16. Suggest practical reasons for reading.
    17. Send kids to books for answers to their questions.
    18. Help your children find books that encourage them in their interests.
    19. Provide a home environment conducive to reading.
    20. Use TV wisely if you must use it at all.
    21. Increase your child’s real-life experiences.
    22. Work with your child’s teacher.
    23. Expect great things for and from your kids.
    24. Recognize differences among your children.
    25. Take delight in words and let that delight show.

    Try to reward your child with something he or she really wants. Read our recent post to get some ideas: RC Helicopter: Reading for Rewards

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