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  • When reading becomes a frustration

    November 10th, 2008MarkReading

    Reading becomes frustration and struggle when child finds reading too difficult. When you suspect your child has a developmental delay there are different ways to re-discover reading and gain your child’s interest for reading.

    Here is what you can do

    Introduce your children to talking books; find their favorite titles for them to listen to while looking at the book. There are different places you can go to get books on tape. First you can try your local library just to see if your child likes it, then you can also visit a store that has audio books for rent or for sale, and finally you can get them from book store or order them online.

    My daughter’s obsession with audio books started with one Junnie B. Jones audio book that came for free with a kid’s meal from Wendy’s and now we own the full collection of CDs and books both in English and French. She liked it and I borrowed everything I could from the library. Too bad they did not have all of the Junnie B. audio books so I rented them from talking audio store.

    I bought an inexpensive MP3 player for my daughter and she can listen to her stories whenever she wants. But what excites me the most she ask me for more books all the time.

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